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Преимущества систем СТК
Ключевые преимущества противокражных систем

Каталог оборудования
Компания предоставляет своим клиентам и партнерам не только противокражное оборудование собственного производства, но и оборудование от ведущих мировых производителей, как в составе решений, так и отдельно.


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4 сентября 2014

Продолжается сотрудничество с сетью магазинов модной одежды бренда «Mary Stone».


СТК Системы продолжает обеспечивать защиту от краж в магазинах модной одежды бренда «Mary Stone». Компании сотрудничают уже более 3-х лет . В апреле компания СТК Системы...

28 августа 2014

Магазины «Стрекоза» выбрали «СТК Системы»

Бутик женской одежды «Стрекоза» расположенный в ТРЦ: Карнавал, Мегаполис, Радуга-парк предлагает своим покупателям широкий ассортимент...

15 августа 2014

Магазин «Bebecim» расположенный в ТРЦ ФанФан оснащён противокражной системой ESTIME

Компания «СТК Системы»

About the company

«STK Systems» is the company, specialised on working out and manufacture EAS of the systems, used for protection of the goods against thefts in trade sphere. All made equipment, systems of protection against thefts and counters of number of visitors, are issued under a uniform brand - «ESTIME» (Electronic Systems TIME).

Made «STK Systems» production is developed by experts of the company on the basis of own researches, taking into account experience of leading world manufacturers of equipment EAS. Modern capacities and application of progressive technologies allow to develop, let out and successfully to represent in the market the qualitative equipment which combines high technical characteristics, functionality and reliability.

The company is aimed at constant expansion of a ruler let out EAS the equipment, and now us workings out RF EAS of systems and АМ EAS systems that will allow to satisfy requirements for maintenance of protection of the goods of our customers and clients in as much as possible full volume proceed.

Together projects in Russia

We are aimed at close interaction in work with partners worldwide and we consider offers on cooperation both regarding joint projects in Russia, and in representation of production and the goods of other manufacturers of the equipment of area EAS.

Partners worldwide

The company «STK Systems» offers cooperation regarding representation of our production in other regions and the world countries.
We as the manufacturer of equipment EAS aspires, that joint cooperation for partners was as much as possible convenient and favourable. Therefore we give to each company to the partner all necessary for work:

  Qualitative products - All new equipment made by the company undergoes through procedure of tests and testing and only after reception of necessary technical characteristics and indicators on safety in operation, we offer the equipment to clients and dealers.

  Guarantee of the best price - We aspire to provide to the partners competitiveness and we give the favourable prices for the equipment.

 System of decrease in procurement prices - Our price depend on volumes and frequency of purchase of the equipment.

We are ready to an establishment of partner relations with the companies worldwide